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Learn how you can have your child receive an equitable distance learning plan for next year 

I know what your feeling…

You're probably happy just to be on summer vacation, but you won’t be home free unless you learn how to advocate for your child to receive the education they need in the fall.  


If you are a parent who is unsatisfied with the way your child is receiving their IEP through "distance learning” ~ you are in the right place!

  • Would you like to receive easy to use forms, logs, scripts, and fill in the blank letters to easily advocate for the program your child needs for next year? 
  • Are you frustrated and angry that your child did not receive the academic instruction, supports, and services listed in the IEP during the school closure?    
  • Have you been expected to become the teacher, service provider, and behavioralist without the skills, training, or support to meet the needs of your child?
  • Are you confused about what a “Distance Learning Plan” is supposed to provide because your district is giving you the runaround?
  • Do you know how to create the evidence you need to receive compensatory education to make-up the services your child missed during the school closure?
  • Have you always wanted to learn more about how to become a stronger advocate but didn’t know where to start or didn’t have the finances to work with an advocate or an attorney?

Do you really want your child’s education in the fall to look like March, April and May?  

There are no guarantees for what school will look like next year. Are you willing to risk waiting for your school district to do the right thing? 

Learn the secrets of a professional advocate!

The Informed Empowered Parent Brigade is a group of “go get 'em” parents who are on a mission to learn how to successfully advocate for their child.

The more you commit to the Brigade, the more you will be winning at your child’s IEP meetings and in return, your child will be learning, growing, and progressing!  

This is a place where dedicated, driven parents get the answers and support they need to become an Informed Empowered Parent Advocate.   

IEP Brigade members know how to drive their child’s IEP meetings by enforcing the implementation of the IEP and take responsibility to be a knowledgable and informed advocate.   

IEP Brigade members know the School District is a Bureaucratic Institution built on a hierarchy of power and control, however, Brigade members know how to implement their parent rights as an equal IEP team member.  

IEP Brigade members learn how to overcome the district’s tactics and denials while remaining collaborative with their IEP team.

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll receive inside the IEP Brigade but there’s so much more...

  • Personal access to Valerie Aprahamian where you’ll receive coaching, teaching, and advocacy support. 
  • Learn how you can protect your child’s rights while schools are closed and be prepared for after they reopen. 
  • Learn professional advocacy skills and use the templets, forms, logs, and scripts to set yourself up for success to have the district compensate for your child's lost skills as a result of school closure.
  • Learn alongside other parents from across the nation who are on the same journey.    

There are 2 Levels in our membership for the Brigade...

Try it for the first month and receive the special offer ~ if you don’t see a huge difference in your advocacy skills, you can stop at any time.  

To serve my community during this uncertain time, I am giving parents the opportunity to work with an advocate at a price anyone can afford.

Level 1 Brigade Member


Group Coaching Twice per Month

  • Access to Brigade Membership site with templates, forms, logs, scripts
  • How to get the virtual program your child needs and set your child up for next year

$25.00 first month ONLY


Superhero Brigade Member


Everything in Level 1 Brigade PLUS: 

One 30-minute consultation a month where Valerie can:

  • Provide 1-on-1 coaching regarding your child’s specific virtual program and/or next year
  • Use time however you wish

$100.00 first month ONLY

"During this difficult time with Distance Learning with a nonverbal, autistic child on an IEP, my husband and I were at a loss of what our parental rights were and how to proceed.  Shortly after the school closure, we were sent a generic lesson plan that was not individualized for my son. My son received no tele-therapy for speech or OT services. The ABA Supervisor made very little effort to reach out to us. Because of this, my son lost 10 weeks of services and is showing signs of regression.

We got a Prior Written Notice stating the district will not be holding IEP’s unless we ask to move forward with one.

How do I proceed? If I get the district to schedule a virtual IEP meeting, how do we approach it intelligently without showing how we really felt; frustrated, overwhelmed, helpless and alone.


But the consultations don’t stop there; Valerie taught us how to ask for compensatory services to make-up for the skills Theo lost and the services the district failed to provide during Covid.

Valerie also taught me how to ask for Independent Educational Evaluations and so much more.

Because Valerie is offering this wonderful opportunity as a Superhero Brigade Member, I can now rest at ease knowing I will be able to learn how to become a strong advocate for my son as we move forward during this time of uncertainty.

Thank you, Valerie, for giving us the knowledge and confidence to fight for our son. We are now informed, empowered Parents!"

Liz, Theo’s mom

I’m Valerie Aprahamian, The IEP Navigation Expert 

Just like you, I was thrown into the world of special education.

When my daughter, Chanel, received her 18-month vaccinations~ shortly afterward she came down with pneumonia, which triggered a seizure that continued for 25 minutes.   When Chanel finally opened her eyes 3 hours after the seizure began, she lost all the speech she had gained as a typical two year old and started regressing into autism.

She began having “Status Epilepticus” seizures, which means the seizure would continue without ceasing until she received a medical intervention.  We found ourselves in the hospital on a regular basis.  I was completely unaware of the word “autism” and my husband was in denial that there was something wrong.  But autism became a reality for us when we received the comorbid diagnosis of autism and seizure disorder, just after Chanel turned three.

My life changed forever on that day. I was a mess for a long time but the diagnosis drove me to take action. I learned early on that no one else was going to advocate for Chanel… it had to be me. So if someone told me “It can’t be done” or “That’s not the way we do it at this school”… I fought harder.

When I was confused, I asked questions and I researched for hours on the web, read books, attended conferences, and started a parent group. When I needed help, I pushed for it. I didn’t take no for an answer.

Sometimes I look back and think about what would have happened if I gave up after they told me “no” or bought into the belief that learning to advocate was just too confusing.  Life would be very different for Chanel.  I wouldn’t have known how to disagree when the school district wanted to place Chanel in an “autism” class and she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to reach her potential. She certainly wouldn’t have been placed in a full inclusion program that enabled her to graduate high school with a diploma with honors.  After high school, she wouldn’t have been capable of receiving a credential in dog grooming or land a job at our local doggie spa.  

Over the past 23 years, I have helped many other parents experience similar outcomes for their beautiful child.  Being an advocate for kids on IEPs has become my mission and my purpose, and I love what I do.

Special Education can work if you take the steps to become a knowledgable parent advocate.  It’s just a matter of learning how to implement your educational rights and become the coach of your IEP team.  And I can show you how in the Informed Empowered Parent Brigade. 

Our kids deserve a chance to reach their potential in life just like any other child. Don’t let the broken education system or medical professionals steal your dreams for your child’s future. They deserve an education that allows them to thrive!

Don’t accept a life of struggle for yourself and your child. Let me show you how to navigate through the IEP maze so you both get the relief and help you deserve.

What others are saying:

Before I met Valerie, I thought my daughter was doing fine because I was not informed. The teacher seemed competent and my daughter seemed happy and I thought I was on the right path.  I attended one of Valerie’s online special education webinars and it stirred my concerns and made me question whether or not Lizzy was receiving the IEP she really needed.  I called a teacher conference with Lizzy’s teacher and asked specific questions about her progress and that’s when I had my aha moment.  The teacher could not give me any specific information about my daughter’s educational progress other than letting me know she was happy at school.  The teacher told me they did not work on academics and that Lizzy was only being taught functional skills.  I was horrified.  I had no idea my daughter was not being taught general education curriculum because they never made that clear to me.  That’s when I decided to contact Valerie and I decided to take the Ultimate IEP course.

Valerie’s course helped me to create a plan of action and clarified what I needed to do to initiate the changes I wanted to make for my daughter’s IEP.  I also hired an advocate to assist me because I didn’t want to delay the process because I am still learning how to advocate.  Because of Valerie’s course, I now have the confidence and knowledge to understand how to work with an advocate and my IEP team.  Now I feel that I am doing everything I can to ensure that Lizzy receives what she needs to get the education she deserves to reach her full potential.  As a mother, I feel happy and relieved that now I understand the bureaucratic nature of the school and I realize the district’s underlying political agendas are not necessarily about the best interest of the special needs child. 

Our kids cannot wait for us to learn this on our own.  I recommend the Ultimate IEP Parent Empowerment Program for any parent who wants to understand their rights and help their child reach their full potential in school as well as their future after high school.  The Ultimate IEP course will give you a clear path to accomplish this goal and help you put it all together in the most proactive, efficient, and effective way possible. 

~ Yana, Mom of Lizzy

Before I hired Valerie, Aria was found eligible for an IEP under Speech and Language Impairment and was only receiving speech services when she was in preschool.  By the time she got to kindergarten, I felt discouraged because Aria wasn’t making progress and she was far behind grade level.  I wanted a psychoeducational assessment to address her academic deficits,  but I was delayed because I believed what the psychologist and assistant principal told me, which was to wait until she was 7 or 8 years old.  After having a parent teacher conference, I found out Aria was the furthest behind all the other students in her class and that’s when I decided I didn’t want to wait any longer and I hired Valerie.

Valerie requested many assessments and after they were completed, I found out Aria had significant impairments in multiple areas which finally qualified her to be found eligible under OHI with a secondary eligibility of Speech and Language Impairment.  Hiring Valerie was the best decision I could have made for my daughter because if I hadn’t, Aria would have been years behind grade level and would have been placed in a special education class.  Because the district violated my rights by denying my request for assessment, Valerie advocated for Aria to receive compensatory academic instruction as well as the many other appropriate services she required as a result of the assessment findings. Thankfully, Aria continues to remain in a general education class with all the supports and services she needs to be successful in an inclusion program.

As I moved though the IEP process with Valerie, she taught me about my rights along the way but that was not enough for me to be able to know how to advocate alone and so I enrolled in Valerie’s Ultimate IEP course.  Now I feel confident about being an equal IEP team participant and I know how to implement my parent rights to sustain the special education program Valerie developed.  I am so thankful I made the decision to educate myself because if I hadn’t, my daughter would have never received the IEP she needed and deserved. I can’t express enough how important it is for every parent to get help and educate themselves because the IEP affects a child’s entire education and life after high school.  There are no words to explain how thankful I am to Valerie for guiding me through.

~ Bree, Mother of Aria