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Advocates 4 Angels is proud to offer affiliate programs, which allow us to support our partners while leveraging their network to use their sphere of influence to work for the betterment of all special education students.  

We want to create a national special education system reform, but we can’t do it alone! We need your voice and influence in your community to promote systemic change. Advocates 4 Angels delivers parent empowerment advocacy programs and resources parents need to hold their local school district accountable to meet the educational needs of their child.

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A little more about Advocates 4 Angels...

Did you know that special education ignores the necessity for parents and educators to trust one another simply by the way the laws are written? It’s a simple fact, congress created the special education system to be adversarial. And, due to the lack of state and district oversight to ensure compliance, parents are responsible to enforce the implementation of the IEP and protect the educational rights of their child.  

This social injustice and civil rights issue will continue to prevail unless parents learn to enforce their rights by becoming an empowered and knowledgeable parent advocate for their child. Each parent that steps into their role as an equal IEP team participant, takes our mission one step closer to national systemic change.  

Today, there are more than 7 million students in the US eligible for an IEP, which is 15% of all public-school students nationwide. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics, one in six children ages 3 to 17 have one or more developmental disabilities nationwide, and still more face other challenges. 

Neurodiverse students deserve an education and a chance to reach their potential in life just like any other child. We cannot continue to allow the broken education system to steal our dreams for our children’s future. Federal law endows all students on an IEP to receive an education that will prepare them for an independent, purposeful and productive life after high school.

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Our affiliates receive a 20% commission on the individuals that use their link, or come to our website and purchase a program or product. For products that are paid over time, the commission is paid as the funds are received.

Our affiliate commissions are tracked and verified and payments are sent by the 15th of the next month following the transaction. As long as your referral maintains their payments, you’ll receive your commission.

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