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Your local school district is obligated to meet the legal requirements mandated under IDEA to provide your child with the supports and services listed in the IEP.

Topics include:

– What can we do to prepare our kids to transition back to the brick and mortar school building? 

– How can we be prepared for the next time we are faced with school closure?  

– What steps can we take to determine whether our child has regressed during the pandemic? 

– How can we hold our LEA accountable to provide compensatory services for March – June 2020? 

– What did we learn while our kids were receiving their education virtually from home?

~~ It’s time to prepare to successfully transition our children from virtual back to the brick and mortar school building ~~




Rich Isaacs

Rich Isaacs is the founder of California Special Needs Law Group. 

His small town roots shaped his belief in the strength of a community-based approach to life and work. In law school, Rich quickly focused his studies on advocating and assisting some of our most vulnerable members of society. Children are a society’s most valuable asset and ensuring students have equal access to an education quickly became a calling for Rich.

Rich leads the charge at CSNLG to ensure families receive fair, effective representation at mediations, hearings and appeals. He believes that all resolutions must focus on what is best for the child and their long term future.

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”

Meet your host

Valerie Aprahamian

Valerie Aprahamian is a special education advocate, coach and mentor, author, speaker, teacher, and Founder of Advocates For Angels, who protects the rights of parents of neurodiverse children in the development of their child’s Individual Education Program (IEP). As a mother of a daughter on the autism spectrum, Valerie has walked the same path as her clients and understands the challenges they experience.

Over the past 23 years while attending more than 3,000 IEP meetings, Valerie has mastered the IEP process to hold school districts accountable to ensure her clients leave high school with the education and skills necessary to live a purposeful life. Valerie is a member of COPAA and holds a certificate from the Institute of Special Education Advocacy.

Today, she runs a virtual parent training academy, dedicated to empowering parents to successfully advocate and receive the IEP their child needs to thrive. Valerie’s innovative e-learning programs provide coaching, curriculum, and training to help parents become a more knowledgeable, confident and effective advocate for their child. Valerie enjoys painting, reading, yoga, spending time with her family and beloved dog Jonas, and is an avid sun lover.

Schools that close campuses and establish virtual learning
environments or other alternative educational delivery methods,
must ensure that your child continue to receive the provision of all
services required in the Individualized Education Program (IEP),
including both instructional and related services.