You don't need me to speak on your behalf ~

You need my knowledge so you can advocate for your own child

Consultation Packages

Are you ready to: 

  • Be empowered with the knowledge you need to help you avoid roadblocks and be supported with professional advocacy assistance for you to move forward with confidence instead of feeling like you’re being taken advantage of by school district administrators?
  • Receive a comprehensive assessment of your child’s educational program and find out what’s missing and how to win what you want for your child?
  • Have a step-by-step plan of action on what to do to address your concerns about your child’s IEP?
  • Be on the fast track to see real results and experience successful IEP outcomes because you are finally able to resolve the problems in your child’s educational program?

What will I receive from the Consultation Package?

  • Parents must complete the IEP Makeover before purchasing a Consultation Package.
  • After completing the IEP Makeover, parents always want more support and coaching as they move through the step-by-step plan of action. This is where the Consultation Package will meet your needs.
  • After Valerie completes the IEP Makeover and comprehensive overview of your child’s special education program, she has become fully informed about your child’s records. This makes consultation hours extremely beneficial to coach you through the problems and questions you may encounter as you take each step on your plan of action.
  • Parents can individualize the consultation hours to be used to meet your needs. This can be done through Zoom meetings or Valerie can write emails and letters for you to send to the district or help you write Parent Agendas and Partial Agreements for your IEP meetings. Valerie is happy to provide you any other type of advocacy support you may need.
  • Please note: Parents must use the consultation hours within 3 months from the time of purchase. Any hours that were not used within 3 months will be forfeited.

Are you ready to step forward and feel empowered, knowledgeable, and successful at your child’s IEP meetings instead of feeling outnumbered, frustrated, and hopeless?


You have the option to purchase one of the Consultation Packages Valerie offers to continue to support you as you move through each step of your plan of action. It is a requirement to first work with Valerie on the IEP Makeover before you purchase one of the Consultation Package options. It’s up to you whether you choose a 3-hour consultation package or a 6-hour package.

Purchasing a Consultation Package with Valerie will provide you with continued advocacy support as you move through the plan of action Valerie developed for you in the IEP Makeover. Valerie will give you the information you need to be successful in having the district address your concerns and requests promptly. Most importantly, Valerie will give you the tools you need to appeal the districts denials and excuses, and you will finally see the results you have been looking for! When you begin to speak their language and implement your parent rights, it is possible to see the district work collaboratively with you as an equal member of the IEP team.


3 Hour Consultation Package


6 Hour Consultation Package