Are you ready to:

  • See your child begin to communicate better and see them learning and following directions at school?
  • Know what it’s like to watch your child began making friends and learning the social skills they need to interact with their peers?
  • Hear the joy in your child as they begin to enjoy school, and develop strong self-esteem?
  • Watch your child begin to take ownership of their school responsibilities and have the motivation to do their homework independently?

Are you ready to step forward and feel empowered, knowledgeable, and successful at your child’s IEP meetings instead of feeling outnumbered, frustrated, and hopeless?



Initial Consultation (60-Minute)

Valerie will answer specific questions regarding your child’s IEP.

This consultation does not include an overview of your child’s IEP document.  If you require a more comprehensive consultation, it is recommended you schedule a 2-hour IEP Review.


IEP Review (2-hour)

1 hour document review, 1 hour phone consultation 

Valerie will provide you a comprehensive overview of your child’s current special education program.  This consultation requires you to scan and email your current IEP along with the most recent assessments.  These documents are required for Valerie to provide you with the most accurate and complete consultation.  She will provide you with her recommendations regarding the areas that are lacking in your child’s program and how to move forward in addressing these issues.

A consultation with Valerie will provide you a step-by-step overview of your child’s current IEP.  Valerie will help you interpret your child’s Present Levels of Performance, (PLOP), and point out the areas of need that are not being addressed.   Valerie will give you the information you need to be successful in having the district address your concerns and requests promptly.  Most importantly, Valerie will give you the tools you need to appeal the districts denials and excuses, and you will finally see the results you have been looking for!  It is possible to see the district work collaboratively with you as an equal member of the IEP team.