Learning to be an Advocate

Advocates for Angels Courses are Designed to Help you Learn How and Be Empowered To Advocate For Your Angel!

The Ultimate IEP


Be a powerful parent advocate to get the IEP your child needs to thrive!

What if you could be awarded the special education program you want for your child and have the skills to sustain it until your child leaves high school?

What Parents Say About The Courses

Before I met Valerie, I thought my daughter was doing fine because I was not informed. The teacher seemed competent and my daughter seemed happy and I thought I was on the right path.  I attended one of Valerie’s online special education webinars and it stirred my concerns and made me question whether or not Lizzy was receiving the IEP she really needed.  I called a teacher conference with Lizzy’s teacher and asked specific questions about her progress and that’s when I had my aha moment.  The teacher could not give me any specific information about my daughter’s educational progress other than letting me know she was happy at school.  The teacher told me they did not work on academics and that Lizzy was only being taught functional skills.  I was horrified.  I had no idea my daughter was not being taught general education curriculum because they never made that clear to me.  That’s when I decided to contact Valerie and I decided to take the Ultimate IEP course.

Valerie’s course helped me to create a plan of action and clarified what I needed to do to initiate the changes I wanted to make for my daughter’s IEP.  I also hired an advocate to assist me because I didn’t want to delay the process because I am still learning how to advocate.

Because of Valerie’s course, I now have the confidence and knowledge to understand how to work with an advocate and my IEP team.  Now I feel that I am doing everything I can to ensure that Lizzy receives what she needs to get the education she deserves to reach her full potential.

As a mother, I feel happy and relieved that now I understand the bureaucratic nature of the school and I realize the district’s underlying political agendas are not necessarily about the best interest of the special needs child. 

Our kids cannot wait for us to learn this on our own.  I recommend the Ultimate IEP Parent Empowerment Program for any parent who wants to understand their rights and help their child reach their full potential in school as well as their future after high school.  The Ultimate IEP course will give you a clear path to accomplish this goal and help you put it all together in the most proactive, efficient, and effective way possible. 

~ Yana, Mom of Lizzy