Important IEP Tips to Remember

  1. Written request for IEP and appropriate assessments/provide district with your independent assessment
  2. nclude request that you receive a copy of all assessments 1 week before your IEP meeting
  3. Call Program Specialist or Director (Confirm receipt of request for IEP and assessment reports)
  4. Confirm that a district staff member will be facilitating your meeting
  5. Discuss time restraints (confirm at least a 2 hour time frame)
  6. Date of IEP (must receive IEP notification with attendees listed)
  7. Inform district in writing that you will be taping the meeting 24 hours in advance
  8. Discuss other concerns that you would like addressed (email a copy of your parent agenda to Program Specialist)
  9. Request that you be provided a copy of the IEP draft 1 week prior to IEP and prepare your goals and objectives along with disclosure of all assessment reports or other information that will be presented at the meeting
  10. Dress for a business meeting.
  11. Bring a picture of your child or your child when appropriate
  12. During introductions at the beginning of the meeting, write down seating arrangement with names and titles of all attendees
  13. Ask questions when you do not understand their “jargon”
  14. Request all pertinent information be documented in the IEP (make a note on your agenda of everything that has been agreed upon)
  15. When the IEP is reviewed, ask that appropriate changes be made immediately
  16. Only sign in attendance at the meeting, take your IEP home to review and return with signature when everything is documented properly and you are in agreement
  17. If you are not in agreement, you can sign that you are partially in agreement, send a letter of dissent outlining what portions you are not in agreement and indicating the items you are in agreement, or don’t sign at all.