Advocacy Process

How to get started:

1. Schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call with Valerie Aprahamian here

2. Meet for an IEP Assessment consultation where you and Valerie will gather all required information, make a plan of action and fill out the proper release information.

3. Schedule IEP meeting with the school

What to expect 

This information will give you an overview of what to expect as a new client of Advocates For Angels.

Office Hours & Contact Info

Office hours are 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Monday – Friday. Unless it is an urgent situation or there are concerns regarding an IEP meeting scheduled for 8:00 the following day, please honor the hours that Valerie is available.

If you are not an existing client and have a specific question regarding your child’s IEP, please schedule your consultation call here.

IEP Meetings

When you have an IEP meeting, please arrive 10 minutes early.  Valerie will meet you in the school lobby to review any last minute concerns in preparation for the meeting. Please wear conservative business attire. If work schedules allow, please attempt to have both parents at your meeting.

Client Reference List

Valerie provides a “Client Reference List” which will allow you to contact other parents who have worked with Advocates for Angels.  These parents would love to talk to you to discuss Valerie’s advocacy services and testify about how she successfully assisted them in the development of their child’s special education program.  If you are interested in contacting one of these parents, Valerie would be happy to provide you the “Client Reference List.”

Complete Process

Schedule your IEP Review consultation with Valerie Aprahamian, Advocates for Angels here.
Urgency is important, as the longer you delay in asking for assistance with your child’s IEP, the longer your child’s progress will be delayed.

If you are a resident of the Corona-Norco Unified School District, you qualify to have Valerie represent you in the development of your child’s IEP.  During your consultation, Valerie will have you complete the required “Intake” paperwork to allow her to speak on your behalf and represent you at IEP meetings.

After your Consultation and Intake for advocacy representation, Valerie will schedule a time to meet your child to conduct an interview and observation.  This will allow Valerie to truly know your child in order to represent you and your child with fidelity.

Valerie will contact your district administrator to review your child’s case and discuss the agenda items for the upcoming IEP meeting.

Valerie will confirm that the appropriate team members will be in attendance, the date and time of the meeting and ensure at least a 2 hour allotment is provided.

Valerie will request your child’s cum file and review your child’s educational history. This may require Valerie to communicate with your child’s doctors, service providers and educators.

Valerie will send notice to tape the meeting and you will keep the recording for your records.

Valerie will attend the meeting with you to facilitate your agenda, ensure the development of the IEP to provide the appropriate supports and services necessary to meet the unique needs of your child and protect your parental rights.

Valerie will do whatever is necessary to follow up on your meeting and confirm that the IEP was implemented as agreed upon or proceed with the appeal process if necessary.

Throughout this process, Valerie will train you to understand each step along the way.  In the development of an appropriate IEP to meet the unique needs of your child, these steps may include: obtaining services, crafting measurable and specific goals, accommodations and/or modifications, and appropriate placement.

Don’t Wait Any Longer.