You don't need me to speak on your behalf ~

You need my knowledge so you can advocate for your own child

IEP Makeover

Are you ready to: 

  • Be empowered with the knowledge you need to help you avoid roadblocks and be supported with professional advocacy assistance for you to move forward with confidence instead of feeling like you’re being taken advantage of by school district administrators?
  • Receive a comprehensive assessment of your child’s educational program and find out what’s missing and how to win what you want for your child?
  • Have a step-by-step plan of action on what to do to address your concerns about your child’s IEP?
  • Be on the fast track to see real results and experience successful IEP outcomes because you are finally able to resolve the problems in your child’s educational program?

What will I receive from the IEP Makeover?

  • A comprehensive overview of your child’s special education program. Valerie will review the IEP documents over the past two years and all assessment reports.
  • Parent training on how to interpret assessment reports and understand standardized test scores. Valerie will teach you how assessment results are used to develop the appropriate goals, supports, services, and placement to meet your child’s individual needs.
  • Valerie will identify the gaps in your child’s IEP and make recommendations on how to obtain better goals and identify areas of deficit that have not been addressed.
  • Valerie will coach you on how to increase services, obtain an aide, or ask for and receive an IEE (Independent Educational Evaluation.)
  • You will receive a report that includes a step-by-step plan to hold your IEP team obligated to resolve the problems and address your requests and concerns.
  • Valerie will meet with you on Zoom to review the step-by-step plan and provide parent training and coaching on how to move forward. This call typically lasts 90 minutes. You will receive a recording of the Zoom call to utilize as a tool for continued training.
  • It typically requires 3-4 hours for Valerie to review the records and write the comprehensive overview of your child’s current special education program and develop the step-by-step plan of action based upon state and federal regulations.
  • The IEP Makeover Zoom consultation will be scheduled 2 weeks after you scan and email Valerie your child’s educational records. Please note, if your child’s records are lengthily, it may require Valerie more time to complete the comprehensive overview and schedule your Zoom call.

Are you ready to step forward and feel empowered, knowledgeable, and successful at your child’s IEP meetings instead of feeling outnumbered, frustrated, and hopeless?



IEP Makeover

Records Review, IEP Recommendation Summary Report, Advocacy parent training, Zoom Consultation

Valerie will provide you a comprehensive overview and summary report of your child’s current special education program and a step-by-step plan of action. Valerie will begin the comprehensive assessment of your child’s IEP after she receives all your child’s records.

Step 1: Purchase the IEP Makeover

Step 2: Scan and email Valerie the last two years of IEP documents.  

Step 3: Scan and email Valerie the most recent assessment reports. Please note: The assessment reports are imperative to provide you a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s educational program.

Step 4: If your child has a Medical Health Action Plan, please email Valerie a copy.

Step 5: If you are unsure if you have copies of your child’s records, write an email to your principal and district special education representative:

“I am requesting I be emailed a digital copy of the IEPs for the past two years, as well as a digital copy of all assessments conducted for the last Triennial review.”