Simply put, my entire world changed for the better after I hired Valerie. She applied her wealth of knowledge, persistence, compassion, and connections to obtain for my child what I honestly consider to be the special education service ‘lotto.’ I was lost and confused trying to navigate the process on my own. I had nothing. My life was a mess. My child was teetering on the margin of being able to participate in education. With Valerie’s advocacy, my child now has the best education possible along with every support and service available to assist her with reaching her potential. Working with Valerie is the best decision I have ever made.
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My son has a learning disability and has been on an IEP since the 2nd grade but he never really got the help he needed. When he started junior high he was so frustrated that he came home crying everyday. I hired Valerie to help my twice exceptional child get all the accommodations, supports and services he needed. Valerie has the experience and knowledge to work with the district and set up the best education plan for your child.

Julie, CNUSD

When my son, Troy, and I walked into Valerie’s office for the first time, we were both very nervous. By the time we left, we both were overwhelmed with a sense of relief. Years of anger, frustration, and tears over Troy’s educational experience had been replaced with a sense of hope. Even though I am a teacher myself, I continued to struggle for years to get the school system to help my son and had been largely unsuccessful. With Valerie’s support and knowledge of special education law, we got the school to listen. I was no longer alone in my struggle. Together we navigated the evaluation process and developed IEP goals and objectives that were in my son’s best interest.

Even now, as the school system continues to fail my son, Valerie is there to guide me through the next phase of the battle. I don’t think I could have done this alone. It truly has been a blessing to have someone like Valerie advocate for my son.

Lisa, RUSD

God sent an ally… It was March of 2008 when my husband and I first met Ms. Valerie Aprahamian. The woman’s exterior facade was businesslike, intelligent and very professional but underneath this demeanor laid a crusader, an advocate of the rights of the unheard and under privileged special needs children. Above all, simply a fellow mother who is experiencing her… (read more)

The Benitez Family, CNUSD

Justin was judged and treated poorly at school and denied special education services as early as four years old. I fought the best way I knew how but was never successful with getting the school district to understand Justin’s needs. The school site administrators at the SST meetings would make me feel like it was my fault he had problems… (read more)

Leah, Inland Empire

My son’s learning disability was keeping him from learning. He is now in High School and we needed to get him help as quickly as possible. I was unable to navigate through the rules of the IEP meeting and did not receive any help from the school or the district even though I tried. Calling Valerie has been the best thing I could have ever done for our son. He is now progressing, and we are receiving the services we need for our son. Thank you Valerie!!!

Jessika, LEUSD