Do you know where to find the Parent Input section in your child’s IEP?

If you’re like most parents, the answer is most likely “no”.

One of the first things I do when I’m working with my clients is to have them find the Parent Input section of the IEP and help them craft their Parent Statement.

This can be one of the most valuable spaces inside of the IEP and yet, it’s often diminished by the IEP team and overlooked by parents.

When this happens, parents are missing a powerful opportunity to document exactly what their concerns are regarding their child’s special education program and their highest priorities and goals they envision their child achieving for the next school year.

The Parent Input Statement is where you can be very specific and require the IEP scribe to write exactly what you tell them to write because this is YOUR parent statement!

When the facilitator gets to the Parent Input space in the IEP, they will turn to the parents and say, “Parents, what are your priorities and concerns for your child?”

Most of the time, parents will be at a loss for words as many thoughts flood their minds. They’ll start listing a few things off the top of their head. But in the end, the most important concerns will be left out because they weren’t prepared to answer this question.

So, what’s the big deal about this parent statement?

I can tell you with confidence, after DECADES of experience guiding parents through the IEP process, when you change your approach to this ONE area of the IEP… you change your child’s entire school year.

The Parent Input section of the IEP has the power to accomplish:

  • A legally documented statement in your own words, which provides a paper trail that will prove you’ve been requesting changes over time and the district has not addressed or resolved your concerns and disagreements.
  • In your own words, you can list your requests and concerns. This is the ONLY section in the IEP in which a parent can demand the parent statement be documented exactly as you have stated.

Let me give you an example of a Parent Statement:

“We are concerned that Jimmy has not met his goals and continues to struggle academically. The current district reading program has not met his needs. We have requested a remedial reading intervention program; however, the IEP team has denied our request. Jimmy is 3 years behind in reading and we believe the district is failing to provide him the support and specialized academic instruction he needs to make progress toward his goals and close the remedial gap in reading.”

This statement is not limited to academic progress. It can encompass any area of your child’s IEP, i.e., socialization, communication, fine and gross motor skills, behavior, one-on-one instruction, mental health, medical health concerns, etc.

So, at your next IEP, you can be prepared to answer when the facilitator of your child’s IEP asks you, “Parents, what are your concerns and priorities for your child for the next school year?”

Because you’ll have your statement prepared prior to the meeting and you will read it to the IEP team. You will ask the scribe to repeat it back to you and ensure it is documented exactly as you have stated.

I can help you craft a powerful Parent Input Statement that can change your child’s future by incorporating your parent rights at a whole new level.

You can email your child’s IEP and schedule a time to meet with me so we can get your Parent Statement written before your next IEP meeting.

Schedule a 60-minute consultation with me here.

Cheering you on always!

Valerie Aprahamian


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