Learning to be an Advocate

Would you like to become an equal team member and stop feeling like a victim at your IEP meetings?


Following are just some of the the topics that you will learn when you register for an Advocates 4 Angels course.

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Obtaining school records

Evaluating your child’s present school program.

Helping you to have a clear understanding of the problems you are currently experiencing and what to do to solve them.

Helping you to plan your IEP meetings and development of IEP parent agenda.

Following up after the IEP meeting to make sure the plan is working which includes legal letters to document a time-line of events

Writing measurable and obtainable goals and objectives

Development of Medical Health Plan

Determining appropriate educational placement

Coordinating services between agencies, doctors, service providers and school district staff

File Compliance Complaints with State Board of Education

Requesting appropriate assessment in all areas of your child’s disability

Development of appropriate assessment plan

Requesting Independent assessments when district assessments are not appropriate

Implementing effective ABA programs

Development of a Positive Behavior Support Plan


Speech and Language Services

Adaptive Physical Education

Vision Therapy and Vision Processing Deficits

Occupational Therapy for Fine Motor and Sensory Integration Deficits

Physical Therapy

Home Hospital Tutoring (compensatory education)

Auditory Processing Intervention

Assistive Technology

Mental Health Services



Parent Training

Paraprofessional Aide

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